US Returning, 78m and 60m pilot

Hello, just returning to EVE after a six year break. I’m looking to explore the PvE and exploration side of things for a while. I need a casual place to call home that can help me get back on track with skills, help with fitting ships, and teach me new pve mechanics (Triglavian and Abyssal stuff, and FW)

Not really interested in living in null or lowsec right now, would prefer to stay in hisec.


Hello, and welcome! I am from Cold Pixels. We are USTZ based and are new bro/veteran friendly. We have a strong group of pilots willing to teach you if you are interested in joining here is a bit more information on us as well as the discord link. Come stop by and see if we are a fit for you! As always, fly safe! O7

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

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