‼ US TZ PVP corp looking for more US TZ

Don’t let your memes be dreams.

Just killed an avatar. Just get in corp already and get some of the action.

catching bots at just the right time. come join us as we go and mess with some dirty programmers

Get in on the action. You’re making bad decisions if you don’t.

pew pew darkness have fun join corp

we killed almost 100billion in structures yesterday. Check the kill board to see what we’re up to and if you’d like to partake in the fun

ezpz 2 bil on the board in a 5min bomber formup. join us for more fun pew

Easy half a bil to the killboard when fighting botters. they all waited to get bumped off the tether and I’m glad we were there to commit to the purge.

Join the campaign in the north to kill GOTG and bot havens

just having fun

https://br.inyour.space/?s=868,867&b=8803920&e=90&t=KkOc pew pew most active FC in NC. right now is in our corp. Join us today

PH fed but we had a fun time blapping INIT nightmares that didn’t have tether rights on a structure. GFs like this are constant. Join us for more info.

can confirm good kunts


pew pew

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We Pew that’s it short and sweet to the point.

Join Discord for more info.

Come shoot GOTG and not give a f u c k about the “isk war” just have fun

Too much ? meh it was fun why not do it when you’re having fun , right?

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good bunch of misfits, that look after each other .

Thanks @xxxCHARLIExxx You da man.

Charlie is one of our bros at this point. He was a full on industrialist and we’ve given him a new perspective on life with a almost 180 degree reverse and switching his life to PVP.

I dunno what this guy was doing but a kill is a kill


Having some fun up here in the north. Killing nerds

Basic blops bitches. Join us