[US Tz] The Boogeymen is recruiting in Pochven (Trig Space)

The Boogeymen is looking for a few more to join us during later US Tz hours. We are a small gang focused corporation. We live out in trig space in Pochven.
We were a wormhole corp previously, and have now moved out to the triangle. The standings grind is minimal as they are not needed to traverse gates anymore. We like to find content wherever we can find it. If that means filamenting out to null, or fighting the gangs that come into Pochven itself, we will find it.
We love small gang pvp. talking about mechanics, or going over tactics are some of our favorites.
If small gang interests you, drop me a line in game or Discord anytime.

Come talk with us!

We are still loooking for active players

Still looking

still looking for active players

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