The Boogeymen Low Class Wormhole Corp Looking for Industrialists!

The Boogeymen live in the dark spaces of the attic. You know they see you. You can feel them watching. But boogeymen aren’t real. They can’t get you. Don’t be afraid of the things that go bump in the night.

-Low Class wormhole space C2.
-Pvp, small/micro gang
-Active US Tz Mostly EST some MST
-Active Indy community
-Voice comms
-Ship fits and Skill plans available

We run fleets in wormhole space. New player friendly. We are very mechanic driven. There are ship fits and skill plans available. Most of us are in our 30’s, wife, kids, work. We like to log in and find something to shoot. We can work with low SP players or even new guys. I am also looking for about 5 to 6 more guys familiar with small/micro gang mechanics.

Some of the guys here are heavily into pve. (combat sites or gas mining)
A couple things you can expect from this area of space;

  • Slower, more methodical pace of gameplay
  • Recon and intelligence gathering focus
  • Ship preparation and skill preparation
  • Mapping and coordinated attacks
  • Extremely high mobility within the universe
    *Tight Knit Indy Division

Come be the thing that goes bump in the dark Discord

Looking for some good indy bois :smiley:

Bumpys :smiley: Looking for some good indy bois

Looking for some more indy players looking to join a tight knit group and make some isk

Bump looking for some more indy bois :smiley:

Do you have a public chan?

Got a good group of pilots with big things to come looking for more to join us :smiley:


do you accept Alpha clones? I am a new player trying to learn the ropes of the most interesting part of new eden. Worm holes I hear they are pretty cool!

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