[US Tz] The Boogeymen - Small fish, big pond

Enter system: Venture on Dscan. Too early to report back, more recon needed. This guy is comfortable. never saw us come in. Venture is unmoving. Dscan to 5 degrees shows him at a site we don’t have scanned. Great. How the ■■■■ to we get to him?
Practice, luck, patience. We preform the scan: sig pings, and warp. The venture is in fact at the gas site. Here you are, staring at your target.
He is content sitting in his cloud of protection that will break our cloak. It’s a long way to him from our warp-in. We need a way to get to him.

Welcome to The Boogeymen recruitment post.

Each phase of the fight, from tracking your target through wormholes - To getting on grid and delivering the coupe de grace has a thousand different ways to be done.

We aim to break all of those phases down. To get the kill-marks on our ships. after all what’s better than turning a single venture kill into an escalated fight where you also get to watch a couple T3’s come frivolously give their ships to protect their already dead friend.

No one here is claiming to be the end all be all of pvp. There are certainly better players out there. We hope that guys like that can come in and impart their wisdom on others.

We do take in a range of pilots with different skill points. We also understand that wormholes are not for everyone. It’s a slower pace of gameplay than what you find in Null.

Small gang pvp is the focus. We use a range of different ships depending on what the situation calls for. If pvp is what you’re after, our goals are aligned. Come say hello in our Discord and let’s see what we can get into.

Wow, id like to learn more about that. Ill def drop a line on your discord.

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