[US TZ] US Military Veteran Corporation, Tight knit and looking for more. [PvP, 0.0]

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Karn and I’m the head of Valhalla’s Guard.

Who we are: I believe the most important thing to make a decision on whether or not to join us is to learn who we are. We all come from different walks of life, though we share one thing in common mostly. (There are a few civilians that we picked up along the way though) We all have served our country in one way or another, this means that yes, we also accept other Government types as well (Contractors, Police Officers) people that are close to that life and know it, and have adopted the dark humor that comes with it, because we love our terrible jokes, we make a lot of them, thick skin is a must!

We have families, and real life always comes first no matter what. We have a lot of plans for the future and a lot of ways to get there. We’re proving ourselves and building something worth having, please come grow with us.

We currently have Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy, we’re missing the auxiliary branches such as the Coast Guard, among others.

We do a lot of PVP in Null security, small gangs mostly, though we do join the big alliance fleets often as well, we roam a lot around Faction Warfare space and such, we have a wide area to roam in rich with hostiles.

We have little requirements, though you should be aware of a few things.
We do require ESI from you.
We require that you be willing to participate.

How to join?

Contact me on Discord


Send me a mail in game to get started!


Drop by our Discord! https://discord.gg/bwq9GTbdYc


Decline my recruitment ad and stop by anyways so I can treat everyone to a bunch of awesome food, like Pizza, Tacos, Steak and Lasagna.

if you don’t like anything I just mentioned, I will be sad.

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