New player feel lost? Returning and a lot to take in? or Veteran and want to feel more of a impact ? Valhalla Guards is for you.

To be honest we are starting and we are small but we want players of all skill levels and backgrounds to join, make a impact early on in a corp set your rank in stone and make long lasting friends wether your experienced or unexperienced everyone is welcome to join.

The Valhalla Guards aim to be more than just a corp but a family a group of friends talkative and social amongst the ranks.
All here to help one another no matter the circumstances.
Accepting all level of players.

Minor mining

If all above applies to you then join the Valhalla Guards TODAY! Apply now and make you mark.

If your hesistant message me or reply to this and we can talk ASAP

Guard the doors to Valhalla for we are the ones who choose to accept who is welcome in the home of the gods.

All set in High sec for the meantime.

Message me in eve or on the forum : Rex Dreki

Hear me before you go we aint many but we can gurantee soical , fun and more .
Fly safe

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