Valhalla Rejects WH Corp

We are a group of casual/hardcore players with a strong community-focus. We have pvp roots and though we stay true to those roots, we ultimately envision the corp being shaped by its membership.

What we offer is a very player-friendly environment without unreasonable demands and intense regulation. We aim to be a group with a common goal; to enjoy the game with friends and forge a career-long bond with the players who join us, all while leveraging our respective RL and in-game skills to build a stronger community!

What we are looking for!

  • Miners!
  • Industrialists!
  • Combat Pilots!
  • Team players!
  • Players new to Eve!

Mission :

  • To have a consistent, mature, and active player base whom you can trust no matter what happens
  • To provide an environment where every player feels he/she can be noticed for contributing.

I hope you choose us as your family.

Fly safe!



Still recruiting guys come join us and help blow stuff up or mostly get blown up since we are rejects not allowed into Valhalla lmfao

Still looking for more pilots

Still need more rejects to join us and make Valhalla great

Still looking for pilots!!!



Still looking for rejects!!! Come be reject

Come be a reject with us were great at everything we do especially how to die lol

Still looking for more rejects! All rejects welcome!

Still recruiting come be part of something thats growing .

Looking for solo pilots, small corps, groups of pilots

Still recruiting small corps and solo pilots. BUMP

bumpo looking for small corps or solo pilots