Valhalla Rejects WH Corp

(Lord Sefros) #1

We are a group of casual/hardcore players with a strong community-focus. We have pvp roots and though we stay true to those roots, we ultimately envision the corp being shaped by its membership.

What we offer is a very player-friendly environment without unreasonable demands and intense regulation. We aim to be a group with a common goal; to enjoy the game with friends and forge a career-long bond with the players who join us, all while leveraging our respective RL and in-game skills to build a stronger community!

What we are looking for!

  • Miners!
  • Industrialists!
  • Combat Pilots!
  • Team players!
  • Players new to Eve!

Mission :

  • To have a consistent, mature, and active player base whom you can trust no matter what happens
  • To provide an environment where every player feels he/she can be noticed for contributing.

I hope you choose us as your family.

Fly safe!

(Lord Sefros) #2


(Lord Sefros) #3


(Sexy Lord) #4

Still recruiting guys come join us and help blow stuff up or mostly get blown up since we are rejects not allowed into Valhalla lmfao

(Lord Sefros) #5

Still looking for more pilots

(Sexy Lord) #6

Still need more rejects to join us and make Valhalla great

(Lord Sefros) #7

Still looking for pilots!!!

(Lord Sefros) #8


(Sexy Lord) #9


(Sexy Lord) #10

Still looking for rejects!!! Come be reject

(Sexy Lord) #11

Come be a reject with us were great at everything we do especially how to die lol

(Sexy Lord) #12

Still looking for more rejects! All rejects welcome!

(Sexy Lord) #13

Still recruiting come be part of something thats growing .

(Sexy Lord) #14

Looking for solo pilots, small corps, groups of pilots

(Sexy Lord) #15

Still recruiting small corps and solo pilots. BUMP

(Sexy Lord) #16

bumpo looking for small corps or solo pilots