USCTZ Looking for Pilots for a Null Sec Corp

Established Fountain Based Corp is looking for US time zone players, who are tired of playing in HiSec, LoSec, or bad Null Sec areas. We have a strong EU player base, but want more US pilots.

Team oriented corporation that does not have screamers for leaders, and looks at EVE with a simple premise - If your not having fun, then your in the wrong game!

Returning players most definitely welcomed!

We want you if you can meet the following:

*Must have a 10 Mil in SP. Omega character.
*Can talk on Mumble
*Has a Discord account.
*Can take directions.
*Want to have fun.
*Not a drama queen!

We offer:

✠ Industrial Mining
✠ Manufacturing (to include capitals)
✠ Level 5 Null Sec Industry Index
✠ Level 5 Military Null Sec for ratting
✠ Corp Buyback Program
✠ Boosted Mining Ops
✠ Discord/Mumble voice comms
✠ Friendly Group of Players
✠ Corp Mining Days (for your pocket) & Moon Mining
✠ Great PVE/PVP Content
✠ Small PVP Fleets
✠ SRP Available on Fleets
✠ Doctrine Fits Available
✠ Umbrella

For more information contact Sirxamoc in game or Discord SirxAmoc#3933
:airplane: into our Recruitment Channel to find out more. FAYN.Recruits or

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