Hi, I’m Imiarr

I have run standings services in Eve since 2009. I am seeking missioners to run missions in fleet with my clients. They get standings, you get paid.

My forum thread for my service is here, so you can read about it before considering joining us as a missioner:

This is NOT A CORPORATION ADVERT. I am seeking FREELANCE mission runners which is why it was posted here in the mission subforum. Please don’t move this ISD :slight_smile:

Info for potential missioners:

  1. We operate via our discord server United Standings Improvement Agency
  2. Clients pay us for standings
  3. You run missions for corporations of your choice with clients in fleet
  4. They get half your LP, half your standings and half your mission rewards (not bounties)
  5. Clients are not in space with you, they are not in your mission. They are afk somewhere else.
  6. You make loads of money.
  7. No minimum activity requirements, all you need to do is be friendly.
  8. Level 3 or 4 security missions are the minimum.
  9. How much do you get paid? Enough. A lot. It’s hard to say because some missioners are fast and others are slow, so there is no “ISK/Hr” value to give you. All I can say is “much more than if you weren’t working for USIA”

Any questions please ask them here or join our discord. You can legitimately make a huge amount of ISK running missions for this business.

Thank you for reading!


If anyone is curious about it, I did some work for USIA in the past. I learned a lot about missions and made good money. It was way easier than converting the LP into isk.

If I get back into serious mission running I would work with them again in a heartbeat.


Casual missioners are also very welcome! Thanks for the kind post :slight_smile:

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We are recruiting again :slight_smile:

We could still use some more missioners - lots of happy new recruits making lots of ISK but we need more!

We could still use a few people :slight_smile:

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How do I join your server through Discord?

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Click on the blue link in the OP and itll direct you to our discord

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Got it, thanks (left you a message).

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