Using Drones From Long Range - Could Be A New Anti-Gank Tactic

Here is a little trick that I learned while in that region of wasted space in Null.

Set your drones on a target that is close to the ship being bumped. The Drone Target Ship will have to be in the same fleet as the Drone Carriers or the Drone Target Ship will have to have a duel initiated with it.

Use small drones so that the Drone Target Ship is not destroyed. Burn away from the Drone Target Ship out too 400 km, you will see that your drones are still aggressing the Drone Target Ship. Orbit the the Drone Target Ship at 400km and keep your drone carriers spread out, don’t bunch them up.

The Drone Target Ship should be fast in order to keep up with the ship being bumped as well as having a lot of tank to help keep it from being ganked itself.

The Drone Target Ship should stay at a range of 15 km from the ship being bumped orbiting it as well.

The smaller gun boats, frigates, destroyers and cruisers, protecting the Drone Target Ship should be ready to defend against the gankers using warp scramblers on their ships as such ships will be lightly tanked to reduce the cost of losing it.

Once the gank begins the drone carrier pilots issue the command to attack the gankers with their drones while the gun boats engage the gankers with their own ships.

The drone carriers will need to have excessive targeting range capabilities in order to issue the command to attack from long range.

Ten drone carrier Vexors + CONCORD should be enough fire power to derail the gankers attempt to gank.

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That would never work. Not only is AG not organized enough for this, but vexors, even with light drones, would not have adequate targeting range or targeting speed to do almost anything to even catalysts.


Last I checked, you can set your drones to Assist a fleet mate. They go orbit around that guy, and target what he targets or defend him from whatever attacks him. So you don’t need all this “tell your light drones to shoot your buddy” stuff. You just tell your drones to defend that guy, while you sit 400km away. Then when he engages, you don’t need to tell the drones anything. They’ll engage b/c he did.


The point is use the shooting at the buddy as distraction. Understandable that you wouldn’t understand.

Forget about that…

In 99% of ganks you will not have enough time for that.


XD! Is this a variation of the dreaded Scissor Technique?
DrysonBennington you should try an easier game. Perhaps Sim City or something like that would be more suitable to your- um… “Skills”.


You really think people are that dumb? Maybe you, but no one else would fall for that.


The point is use the shooting at the buddy as distraction. Understandable that you wouldn’t understand.

When we are dunking the freighter, we don’t care about what is going on in the background. You can shoot fireworks out of your backside for all we care.
We are going to kill the target and anti-ganking is going to fail miserably.
But keep putting drones on your buddy. Maybe we will use him as a secondary target XD!

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Very autistic. That lack of awareness about your environment cannot be very healthy… :thinking:
But when you need to multi-box 10-20 ships to make a viable ganking fleet, is not much time left for anything else.
Also is a kind of sad thing, this game play must amplify an acute feel of loneliness. To not be able to gather enough people for a dedicated fleet and the use of so many alts is depressing :roll_eyes:

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Dryson will Dryson. Is Dryson a troll?

  • Yes, Dryson is a troll.
  • No, Dryson actually means what he says.

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What is the drone target ship?

No option saying “Both”. :stuck_out_tongue:

OR you could just buy a permit and not afk, praise be \0/


This post was made about 10 months after his pipebomb tactic debacle, and it is still incoherent fail. I have seen Chinese mining bots whose understanding of EVE grows faster than this.

I like the idea, but it has flaws.

As others pointed out, 400km is just too long. Doesn’t make much sense. In the end, the drone carriers only need to stay safe enough which means that they really only need to be aligned towards bookmarks so they can’t just get ganked off the field. Reconnecting to the drones, after the bounce, should work.

Another problem is that the gankers might as well just smartbomb the drones away. It would require someone to actively recall the drones, to make sure they don’t get bombed. This could reveal itself as the tactics fatal flaw, though, because when the smartbombing ship stays at the target, your drones can’t get close enough.

I propose a modifcation to your idea.

Use all those drone carriers to shoot the target.

Spawn enough CONCORD ships and the gankers will have to remove them before striking, or push the freighter at least 250km away from the CONCORD spawn. Enough time to log in another set of alts, to spawn CONCORD yet again once they pushed the freighter off far enough.

Or don’t be afk and on auto pilot.

Does anyone know if FOF missiles will go for a criminal flag?

Would be a good way to avoid lock time and deliver high dps in mass.

Drones will follow them, so no locking or direction required.

May have to try it… a couple thousand dps of FOF would simplify AG meetings… if they’ll go for a criminal flag.

Solstice’s idea is probably the most valid and frankly, the easiest to execute with minimal alts/effort. Just keep concord on grid with a sea of alpha alts. Army of ibis. While it may be only delaying the eventual, at least you’ll be annoying, and if you become good at it, tears will follow.

Or of course, there is the even better idea of ignore the space whale and go pvp somewhere worthwhile.

@Krig_Povelli nailed it. :grin:
@DrysonBennington if AG is ever to be effective, first thing they’d need to do is to kick you out of their fleet; you still need to learn a lot, first of all how not to ridicule yourself towards the haulers you’re trying to save. Heck if I’d be in your fleet, I’d shoot you myself.

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