Using returns blank page?

So I’m trying to figure out the oauth2.0 workflow on a windows native console app. When I open a browser with<client_id>&scope=esi-characters.read_blueprints.v1&code_challenge=NkVFMDk4OTE0NURDRTY2MkQ4RDQ2OUU5RTlDQzMyMzlEQUJDRTA2Qzg5RERFQTBDQjM0M0YzMDJBRjNGRjYwRQ==&code_challenge_method=S256&state=”

It loads a blank page. Like nothing, not a login page, not an error, nothing at all. I’m wondering what the problem is and the current documentation that I can find is just this link here

Which doesn’t contain any debug info. Can someone tell me what I’m missing? I’ve never done an oauth 2.0 workflow. The last time I tried to develop an app it was the simpler auth method.

Does going to the same URL in your browser manually work? If so then you at least narrowed it down a bit.

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