[USTZ] Dine and Dash - Fun in Facwar [Amarr]

New Eden is a challenging place full of intricate mechanics, hostile AI, and even more furiously aggressive players. Things can be murky at the best of times, and downright confusing at the worst. But through the chaos of determining friend from foe comes the player-run corporation, entities that should exist to help capsuleers find their stride and home in this risky universe. What is a corporation without its’ pilots; what is a home without friends?

Dine and Dash [YUMLP] is a very diverse and active corporation set up in lowsec at the edge of the Amar/Minmatar warzone as part of the Empyrean Edict (Amarr Faction Warfare) alliance. We are almost exclusively USTZ. We have a wealth of experienced and high SP pilots that love to fly, fight, and kill in the name of fun. We welcome all pilots, alpha, omega, newbro, veteran, and anywhere between. The Amarr Militia is the underdog in our current conflict, and that’s how we prefer it. We fly a wide range of ships, from Prophecy Navy issues, to Drakes, all the way down to kestrels and punishers. Ships are tools, and we enjoy our toolbox. With each doctrine we utilize, there is a full complement of newbro ships (typically also handouts) specifically designed to both help teach newer players how to fly while also being effective on the battlefield. So if you’re interested in learning to fly, want to fly with a fun group that takes fights far more than they don’t (just look at our killboard), or want to dip your toes in Faction Warfare but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at us!

Some of the services we offer members:

  • LP buyback (coming very, very soon)

  • Combat-tested doctrines with t1 variants and ships for newer or inexperienced pilots

  • Clear goal and direction

  • Active FC’s

  • Discord + Teamspeak

  • Great isk making opportunities for new and veteran players

  • Strong industrial backbone to provide ships at a discount

  • Handout and rental ships

  • Contests and prizes based on activity and other factors

  • Lots and lots of fights

So if you’re interested in checking us out or asking some questions, please feel free to stop on by our Discord or mail me directly on Shoot2kili or add me on Discord Maulth#3255.

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