USTZ - E.B.O.L.A. / Sons-of-Liberty is accepting new recruits!

Whether you are a bitter vet tired of fozzie sov/blue donut, a returning player looking for a new home, a hisec carebear who wants to experience more of the game, or a brand new player looking to make a good start with lots of fun and learning, Sons-of-Liberty corporation and E.B.O.L.A. alliance may be your next favorite group of friends.

History of Sons-of-Liberty (-76-)
Tired of being faceless/nameless F1 monkeys in nullsec, Sons-of-Liberty was forged in the fires of rebellion from big blue donut politics and secret closed doors leadership. We formed a close knit circle of players and built on a foundation of trust and support within corporation. After travelling over most of the universe we found a permanent home in lowsec derelik off and on again over the years.

Why join 76/EBOLA?
We genuinely support our members. Corp supports pilots as alliance supports corp. Instead of the normal paradyne of bottom up isk movement and top down orders, we value our pilots and collective goals above the demands of a space dictator. We pvp/carebear/explore eve in every possible facet as a team of friends. Our corp mantras are “I would rather fly in a fleet of t1 battlecruisers than support a titan in frigates”. EVE is better in a group of friends, period. We back and build one another, instead of leaving the weakest link to be preyed upon or struggle alone.

Where can you find this experience?
Join in game public channel -76- Sons Pub and reach out to our directors: Akhillez / Cracker Wacker / Yracka Nostijo or send an in game conversation/mail to one of us to have a conversation to see if we are a good fit.

I already have a corporation
Consider E.B.O.L.A. alliance. E.B.O.L.A. has much the same philosophy of playstyle and we don’t mind if you are attached to your corporation, we are too.

I am brand new to Eve Online
Come fly with us and learn the game. Our highest priority is ensuring our newer players have fun content and isk. Don’t waste your precious time in a corporation that doesn’t help you achieve your goals or involve you in the group. You won’t find elitist pricks here, only helpful capable players who genuinely care about their friends.

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EBOLA KILLBOARD :slight_smile:

Citadell Fight 7Q

We had a blast of a fight today! Become part of EBOLA and join the gang for the next fights we have!

GWCS came back to kill our Forti and brought friends. Hell of a fight! Watch this video!

EBOLA just recruited an australian corp so we actually do cover all timezones now. If you are interested reach out to Akhillez and he will forward you to the fitting corp in EBOLA. o/

Since there is a war in the east of new eden, we have a lot more activity next door. Join our raids to scalding pass!

Plenty of people means plenty of fun skirmishes! Join the fights!

Holy crap guys, EBOLA US-Timezone improved a lot and did a fkn good job when out of sudden it came to a fight inbetween the GW Pirates from EBOLA and the allied rest of great wildlands (and beyond!).

> Click here for the AAR (hostile perspective).

Another cap-brawl happened in our region. Obviously, we started that sh1t. Become part of EBOLA and join us in the next fights about this forsaken area in EVE.

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