USTZ/EUTZ PVP Corp JUM.P is recruiting

HeY, Im the CEO of Cynosural Field. which is a pvp orientated corporation in the alliance Asymmetric- Warfare. We are composed of people who like blops and caps and come from all different alliances, we base out of scalding pass and can provide the small-mid sized pvp you may be chasing, with the corporation being just under 2 months old we’ve already amassed 600 combined kills and maybe u want in on that, or not… ur choice :stuck_out_tongue:

What we’re looking for -

Experienced Players

PVP focused players

Combat/ Cap alts

Fleet Participation

Mic and Discord

What we offer -

JF service

Seeded doctrines

Small/midscale fleet combat

BLOPS/Capital usage

If this sounds interesting to you join my discord and we can chat - discord


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