[USTZ} Shifting Sands Trader Cartel is recruiting!

Former Bleak Horizons Alliance member now a part of Dead Pixel Alliance!
SSTC is back and looking for new recruits!
New player friendly!

Hi-sec corp near low-sec pocket
We are chill, tight-knit group that enjoys shooting rocks and ships.

We offer:

  • Mining fleets with boosts
  • Ore buyback program
  • Weekly alliance ops
  • SRP/Ship Handout for Corp/Alliance activities
  • No skill point minimum!

Interested? Join our public channel Shifting Sands Trader Cartel or send an in game mail to @Steven_Kahoku or @Letscyber_Dtoall

Open and actively recruiting!

@Steven_Kahoku Are you a Hi, Low or Nullsec corp?
I will message you in-game with more questions.

We are a hisec corp located next to a lowsec pocket.

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Also looking for returning players!

We are still open for recruiting! Join “Shifting Sands Trader Cartel” public chat to join!

Recruitment is still open!

Join our public channel “Shifting Sands Trader Cartel” to join today!

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