[USTZ] We Are For The Risk Positive Player

We are group of returning players, old vets, and a little fresh blood out for fun, fame, and profit. We are a new corp, about a month old, but growing fast with fleets and fun events almost every night. We have form-ups for all skill levels, from highsec mining fleets to taking part in sov defense for our null sec allies.

We are looking for 1-2 more Orca pilots and a few miners, and a couple dedicated explo pilots to cap off our Industry ranks. We operate a fully featured 0 tax industrial park for our members.

Fleet & small gang pilots of all experience levels are welcome! New to pvp? Dont worry, you’ll get experience with us!

We have all the standard stuff that makes living and dying in New Eden easier and more fun: SRP and buyback programs, evening roams, a casual vibe and cool folks to fly with. Apply in game, message Vaira Saraki, or drop by the discord Discord

So many folks are coming back to the game right now. If you are thinking about coming back to the game its a perfect time!

Come fly with other returning vets!

Now recruiting for War & war-adjacent activities! Don’t wait for the action to come to you, join today and jump right into the action!

Get connected with the hottest new corp in new eden!

Now hiring Orca pilots, explo, small gang & fleet pvp

Still looking for Orca pilots, explo, Small gang & fleet pvp for null and low sec fun times!