USTZ - White Shadow Imperium - TNT - Recruiting Active Pilots **Newbros Welcome**


(RabidSmurf) #21

Still having a blast in TNT and the Imperium, come see why it’s the biggest coalition in the game!

(RabidSmurf) #22

Still here come talk to us!!

(RabidSmurf) #23

More pilots wanted! Fun fleets every day, and tons of isk to be made. Corp is growing steadily, come get in on the action!

(Saitek Intakinio) #24

They’re right! we’re always recruiting!! Join us!!! Taxes are low!

Come on discord and have a chat with our members, officers and recruiters!

(RabidSmurf) #25

Still looking for more active pilots, no longer just a USTZ corp we now have EU and AU presence as well!

(Saitek Intakinio) #26

bump, looking for members!!

(Azura Nester) #27

Still welcoming new players to the fold!

(RabidSmurf) #28

We are having a blast come chat with us!!

(Azura Nester) #29

Still looking for good pilots!

(Azura Nester) #30

Still looking for bourbon enthusiasts.

(RabidSmurf) #31

We are still here, still active and still having a blast, but we want more active pilots! Come chat with us!

(Mesczante) #32

Get in here, get space rich and shoot people.

(Mesczante) #33

Because we can’t use more than the word “bump” to bump…

(Mesczante) #34

Because we can’t use more than the word “bump” to bump…

(Azura Nester) #35

Still looking for active pilots! come talk to us now!

(RabidSmurf) #36

Come blow stuff up and get space rich with us!

(Mesczante) #37

Come join us and have a great time

(RabidSmurf) #38


(Mesczante) #39

We don’t bite, we can be nice sometimes, come join us

(Mesczante) #40

daily bump but not a bump because I can’t just bump this post saying bump or daily bump so I have to do a whole spiel about a bump.