USTZ - White Shadow Imperium - TNT - Recruiting Active Pilots **Newbros Welcome**

We are a corporation of close knit and active US time-zone players with a long history in eve-online. Our corporation was established in 2007 and we are in Tactical Narcotics Team alliance (Imperium Coalition).

We welcome both new and experienced players as we look to build our ranks. Leadership positions are available for people with the right attitude and experience.

What we offer:

  • Small and large scale PVP. Want keepstar kills or assault frigate gangs? Why not both?
  • Full SRP (including sub-capital ratting ships).
  • A relaxed, light hearted, and active social environment. We are a corp of friends and play a variety of games together including Eve.
  • Stable leadership and a strong core of experienced players to support and assist new players.
  • Work for yourself not for the corp, low taxes and incentives/competitions with ISK rewards to recoup those taxes.
  • Live in the best nullsec space in the game.
  • Flexibility and recognition that your real life comes before Eve. The game is a hobby for us, it is not our life.

What we look for:

  • Mature adults, who are looking for a fun social group, and are not looking to cause drama.
  • Must have a working microphone and participate in voice comms.
  • The ability to attend alliance and corp operations on a semi-regular basis. CTA’s may occur, but we understand if you can’t make it for whatever reason.
  • Interest in PVP of any type. Experience is an asset but not needed, we will consider anyone with a personality that seems like it may fit with our group.
  • People with thick skin who can handle some banter and return it back to us.

Are you interested in being part of a small to medium sized corp where you are a valued member? Are you interested in a corp where the leadership takes an active interest in you and you are not just a number among hundreds?

If so join us on discord: Or our in game channel: Join WSI for more information.

Bump, still looking for good pilots



We’re still recruiting. Alliance & Corp operations happening every day, come join the fun!


I am definitely interested in your corporation and looking to blow stuff up. I am newbro when it comes to pvp and would like to jump right in.

Hi Lucious, please join our in game channel Join WSI, or discord by clicking the link in our post and we can have a chat. Looking forward to talking.

Few new folks have joined and are already enjoying their time down with us in Delve. Our daily small gang roams, massive coalition sized fleets, and luxurious space for wealth generation (best space in the game!) make the game truly enjoyable. Hop in our channel or swing by discord for a chat if you’re interested.

Still looking for good people!

Recruitment is still open! Come shoot stuff with us!

Come on down to the Fully Automated Luxury Space Palace that is Delve!

New guys are already in fleet and getting some fun medium-gang action on the nightly roams. Come on in!

Still looking for more active pilots, come chat with us!

Having a blast on deployment! Swing by for a chat and see if we fit.

Few more folks have joined up. Come around and chat, we might be just what you’re looking for.

Still want more people to have fun with, come talk!

Hey I was just wondering if theres any limits on how new a player/character is? I want to get learned on pvp. But still trying different types of ships.

Also Im wondering what the application process is like? I tried applying to eve university but it seemed like VERY serious. Like a job interview.

If my character is too new its fine just was curious.

No limits, we judge on personality only. The recruitment process is pretty straight forward, talk to us on voice comms for a bit to get a feel for who we are and what we do to make sure this fits with your own interests and goals, and for us to get an idea of what you’re like. Then just standard background checking stuff.

Come one, come all!

still looking for good pilots!