Usual DPS output of Battleships

Im wondering what are usual DPS outputs of Battleships in PvP. In my Rattlesnake, I get only 1160ish with Gecko and Rapid HM w/o a sacrifice in Tank/Neut defense.
Currently I got a 4k shield tank and since Im new to PvP and pretty much solo all the time, I’d like to get an estimated guess where the limit of this defense is (how many BS it can tank or other smaller ships).

Fighting single ships or even 2 aint a problem, BCs and lower can come even more - but at one point I should avoid a fight… and in theory it should be something about 3-4 BS, 7-10 BCs.
But currently its only theory and I lack in practice. Need more infos on damage.


Umm. You shouldn’t really be practicing solo PvP in a Rattlesnake.

If they’re PvP fit you should be avoiding any more than one battleship or a couple of BC really. Your 4k tank is likely reliant on some cap (?) and so in PvP you can rely on it to melt in pretty short order. Your drones are likely to be the first thing to die aspecially if you’re fighting anything smaller than a battleship.

As far as the question, you’re probably looking at anywhere between 800-1000 for a standard t1 (i have a 1,600dps Megathron) or upward of 2000-2400+ for a Vindicator or something.

Please don’t learn in the Rattlesnake :facepalm:

I dueled a lot in the last time to get a clue what damage comes in - even against a 7 Neut Baahlgorn together with another RS didnt make it through Shield and Cap (drones included).
Well, dueling is no real PvP, its just testing… but I also got some small experience in FW with 4 BC trying on me and a Vagur alone… so far it was successful for me. W/o tackle ability I couldnt keep them in place, but still I didnt die and they gave up, which is also a success

I know a RS is not a real “starter” PvP ship, but I like big tank ships and I cant enjoy going out with something smaller and get wrecked in no time.

Sorry i was going by the only Rattlesnake loss on your killboard. The one with a full rack of 6 Caldari Navy Shield Power Relays in the lows.

I know you may have had a few friendly duels (no relevant losses or kills on your killboard) but that doesn’t mean your Rattlesnake will stand a snowball’s chance in hell of making it out the other side ISK positive in an actual PvP situation, it almost certainly will not.

Either way I listed the info you wanted…

Well, the RS loss on my killboard is my other RS that is purely passive tanked, lost against a sleeper boss. My PvP RS is active tanked.

However, thx for the info. It still helps to improve my PvP in EVE

Its plainly a lot of fun to use an RS against a small gang, I’ve been in a gang baited on one once, just be aware that pretty much everyones response is to keep delaying you whilst they reship in larger ships to kill the rattlesnake, so the real skills will probably be recognizing when travelling too far is trapping yourself, and escaping the inevitable. Also if you have a killboard that just consists of rattlesnake kills and losses people will be very hard to bait onto it, ie other activity to clear them away periodically will help you get kills with it.

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