UVIM - Long Standing 0.0 Corp is Recruiting!



Universalis Imperium (UVIM) is an older corp led by mature players who understand that this is a game, and we are here to have fun. We work hard, together, to meet long-term goals that let us have even more fun.

UVIM is PvP first, with mining and industry to support our PvP. We seek players who don’t act like 13-year-olds, have a sense of humor, know how to have a good time, and able to speak English well enough that we can understand you most of the time.

UVIM is a proud member of The Bastion Alliance and a member of The Imperium.

What We Offer:
:large_blue_diamond: PvP, lots of PvP. From small gang to mega fleets.
:large_blue_diamond: Access to Bastion SRP program. Worries free PvP!
:large_blue_diamond: Lot of Eve Experience: everything from PvP to 0.0 living, we can help you out.
:large_blue_diamond: Discounts on corp build ships. Everything from fleet flitted ships to Capital ships at a discount!
:large_blue_diamond: Great 0.0 space. Many upgraded systems to rat in, citadels, and Imperium jump bridge access.
:large_blue_diamond: Logistics - Need help moving stuff? We have you covered.
:large_blue_diamond: Advancement Opportunities. You won’t make director in the first month, but if you good at organization and want to help out, you will be given an opportunity to do so.

Our Requirements:

:large_blue_diamond: You MUST be willing to participate in the corp. Be that PvP, mining ops, or just being a helpful person.
:large_blue_diamond: Pass a background check conducted by one of our senior recruiters.
:large_blue_diamond: Have an interview with our recruiters. Maybe multiple interviews.
:large_blue_diamond: We REQUIRE a FULL ACCOUNT WIDE API during the background check. This is normal for null based corps.
:large_blue_diamond: Mumble/TS3, forums (3x), and Jabber/IRC clients are required.
:large_blue_diamond: Must be willing to keep Jabber/IRC on in the background even if not playing Eve.

To speak with us, please join our Public Universalis Imperium channel (spelling our name is half the battle) for an interview.


Nice post. Cool to see what the new forums can do. :shipitparrot:

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Edit: Very old recruitment poster. I don’t know which northern war it’s even referring too. Take your pick.

I woke up early and am here to answer your recruitment questions

New Recruitment Drive!

Taking all types of players.

Have a cap? We can help you move it, we got cyno’s everywhere.

Come check em out

Great Corp! Check em out!

Come for the null life, stay for the fun!

Taking all types of players.

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Adding in that we do have Cap Construction and Industry members that can at least get involved. We have T2 Research, Mining/Moon Industry, Cap Industry, and much more. At least you can also take a direction of do your own type of thing too.

I’m myself widely varied, and the NS area down here is a great opportunity to at least get yourself in Cap fights, or more. Or be a sold little Industrialist. Or raid WH’s. Or kill idiots that decide to poke their noses in…

The list goes on…

Come check us out

It’s the holiday season, give yourself a present by joining UVIM

Still alive and kickin

online and looking

up! go up!

Recruitment is Open