V o i d - g a t e: New player corp for spirited pilots

[v o i d - g a t e] is a nomadic decentralized corp for new players.

We are currently in an early and exploratory stage where we are open to involvement in all aspects of game play.
Some things we will be involved with are:

  • resource wars
  • small gang pvp
  • complexes
  • missions
  • mining
  • exploration
  • industry
  • intel + scouting + hunting
  • light roleplay
  • community events

Your skills and specializations are valuable in this interdependent group. Be anything you want while being an important part of our crew.

New players learning and growing together is our intended focus. Eve is vast. We need people specialized in what they enjoy who can help to teach their fellow corp mates what they know and may learn along their path.

We’re young, energetic, lewd and routy at times but respect, tolerance, meticulous organization, communication and emotional maturity are important core values for us.

Hit me up in game, submit a corp application and/or join our discord for an invite!

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