Vagrancy. - Smallgang PVP [EUTZ/USTZ]

Vagrancy. is a smallgang pvp corporation focused on the fight of the few against the many.

Vagrancy. is looking for self-sufficient pilots that are actively seeking out solo to smallgang pvp.

Vagrancy. offers it’s pilots a place to roam, discuss fittings or simply bs on comms. We value a constructive atmosphere focused on the improvement of our indivual pilots, with a heavy emphasis on our pilots going out on their own to create content.

Currently we are based out of Gaia, our C2/C5/NS wormhole. The nullsec-static allows us to venture out alone or in small groups, with backup or a reship never being too far away.

We offer:

  • Fun null-roams
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Heavy focus on individuals: your actions matter!
  • Nullsec static: don’t like the content? roll into a new region in 5mins or less!

We require:

  • Willingness to improve
  • Basic scanning/rolling-battleship skills
  • ESI Background Check

The Tools we use:

  • Discord
  • Tripwire

If you have any questions join us in our public channel Traveller’s Respite

For Recruitment contact Joel Hana (EUTZ) / Crusadersix YEET (USTZ)

Still recruiting. We had some fun times yesterday fighting a 2v2 against Slyce in Deklein, which ultimately resulted in us killing one of their confessors. Hop on our pub chat Traveller’s Respite if this is the type of content you are looking for!

Daily bump. Still recruiting. Come hang out with us in our pub chat Traveller’s Respite if you are interested in what we do.

Still recruiting.

Had some fun solo roaming Deklein yesterday. After killing the Dramiel of a rival gang, the locals started camping my wormhole back home with 20 Jaguars. They rolled the connection, but one of their Domis got stuck on the wrong site. Without the help of his friends he was an easy target.

Talk to us in our public chat Traveller’s Respite so you can join in on the fun!


Took a break from eve for some real life stuff, but we are back in action. If you are looking for some smallgang pewpew hit us up in our pub chat Traveller’s Respite

We are still recruiting. Hit us up in our pub chat Traveller’s Respite to join us on our adventures all over New Eden.

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