Valhalla Collective Seeks Content Creators!

So you passed the tutorial…but your completely lost as to what to do next…Come join the Collective!

We are an upstart corp learning as we go and building from the ground up. We’re learning right alongside you. We do a bit of everything. Mining & industry to roams and gangs-depends on the night. We are a part of the Loading Alliance.

Newbies are welcome! We encourage alphas and omegas to join. Right now we are looking for content creators and all able-bodied pilots, regardless of skills. The goal is to build a community to learn EVE together. By sharing this struggle we are able to build relationships together, cultivate friendships, and discover new horizons

We are primarily US West TZs however we are looking for pilots regardless of timezone. Foreigners are welcome as well, however english is a requirement.

What we require:

Must have a Discord
Must be at least 18+
Real Life First. Always. No exceptions.
Most Importantly - Have Fun! If you aren’t having fun, your playing the game wrong.

If interested, please inquire with myself of Merinid Vrinn

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