Valklears. - Fight for the Republic! | Small gang pvp in low & nullsec



The Valklears. operate in Lowsec on the edge of Nullsec where we support the Minmatar Republic, doing faction warfare, and roam in small gangs of new and old players that enjoy blowing up ships.

What we offer

:heavy_check_mark: Small gang pvp
:heavy_check_mark: Easy High-End ISK Income methods
:heavy_check_mark: Experienced leadership and fleet commanders
:heavy_check_mark: JumpFreighter service
:heavy_check_mark: Daily Fleets & Activities
:heavy_check_mark: Faction Warfare
:heavy_check_mark: Nullsec space
:heavy_check_mark: Lowsec space
:heavy_check_mark: Target Rich Area


■ Team player
■ Voice comms (discord)
■ Self sufficient

Joining the team!

The quickest way to join Valklears. or to know more is to join the Valklears. Discord. Or you could join the ingame channel: Valklears.Pub


Slither Sodain
Valklears. CEO

Last weekend we’ve liberated Helgatild. Amarrian wrecks have been reported on the Evati - Todifrauan gate. The gate is blocked.

North/Eastern nullsec has paid for our incursions.

We are coming.
Join our cause! Join Valklears.

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