Vanguard rewards

hi all, i’ll be playing vanguard tomorrow when it drops and want to push for the rewards.

on the website it says i need to complete 4 of 6 challenges to get big rewards in june, what does that mean exactly?

Discussions for vanguard is on the eve discord only

Wow, so they’re still going forward with this Vanguard thing…


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NGL, kind of dumb, i’m not joining an entire discord server for their own game, they need to add a forum section for feedback because boy, i played for 10 minutes and already i have a list lol


The playtests started in December. And continue every month for four days. Every month has a basic challenge to fulfill that counts toward bigger prize. Plus two extra challenges if you have strength (to grind lol) that don’t count toward bigger prize.

Basic challenges were as follows so far:

  • December - simply run the game and touch the ground once
  • January - run the game and touch the ground once in a squad
  • February - 50 kills while part of a squad
  • March - bank 20 clones while part of a squad
  • April - collect 1000 units of biomass while part of a squad
  • May ?

6 challenges total. If you complete 4 of them you will get a bigger prize in June after May playtest ends. 4/6 challenge tracking was announced in February iirc. There is also a condition in place that will disqualify you from the bigger prize tracker if you score 5 teamkills during a course of the single playtest.

Every month, two challenges - basic and the 1st extra - win Arkombine Arisen line of SKINs for various ships - 2 SKINs every Vanguard playtest

2nd extra challenge ranks players in a leaderboard and top 10 are given PLEX reward

  • 1st place is 3k PLEX - enough to give you 6 months of Omega time,
  • 2nd place 2k PLEX
  • 3rd 1.5k PLEX
  • 4-5 1k PLEX
  • 6-10 500 PLEX