Omega Daily Rewards

I logged in today to claim my daily rewards for the Amarr Foundation Day, but my Omega Daily Rewards now have a timer. They were not refreshed after DT. When did this happen? I don’t remember seeing anything about this change?


The Bonus Points task for the Amarr Foundation Day Parade was yesterday. When CCP implements these 3 day events, the 2nd day is when they offer Bonus Points to shoot Fireworks at the Faction Titan, currently any other time the Bonus Points task is to enter their new Proving Grounds content.

As for the task not refreshing, maybe try clearing all cache files in Esc menu - reset settings tab. Can also verify all downloaded files in shared cache menu of the Launcher.


That happens following claiming the 30th-day skill point reward - it sets a 24 hour cooldown for the next reward to show up, due to badly coded rollover from a completed queue to the next round (players were able to claim day 30 and then day 1 all in the same ‘day’). After the 24 hour cooldown, it goes back to reset-to-reset countdowns.


Can confirm.

Weird decision, that… I thought I’d missed Friday, did Saturday on 6 toons, logged in to do Sunday and… yep, already gone.

The Fed Day one in June was so bugged, couldn’t be sure HOW it was supposed to behave… and I missed the Lib Day in July, so… good to know going forward (for Cal Day in Sept).

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Yep, what @Mkikaden_Tiragen said basically it’s a really shamefully bad implementation to fix something that wasn’t really a problem in the first place.

Thanks guys. That is odd. I guess I hadn’t noticed it before.

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