Daily login campaign bugged?

Opened my launcher a few minutes ago, received updates and so on. There’s a Jita 4-4 campaign and I got the fireworks for it, but nothing for the regular login campaign. The campaign window claims the daily reward has been picked up, though. Does anyone else have such an issue?

edit: I don’t think the skill points moved either.

edit 2: As an update, I did manage to claim both dailies on my Omega account. Now I can also see the difference, it seems the Daily Alpha Reward has hung up somehow. There’s a green tick over the gift box “claimed” in the row of gifts but on the right side where you should see what the gift is there’s a picture of the gift box.

seems ok.


PS: CCP I am shocked, no free SP? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And it did work for my Omega account, no problem. All I can think of is that the Jita campaign messed up the daily as I remember claiming the fireworks first on the Alpha, other way on the Omega.

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