Omega daily login gifts - where are they stored?

Hi, i’m not new, but i have not played in many years. I just bought omega and I am receiving omega daily login rewards, however, I can’t find them anywhere. They look like a container of some sort but there is no description what is in the container or how to open them, they are not in my inventory (ship or station).

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

when you redeem them from log in screen, or in game, they turn into what was holding them… alpha’s get them as well, just not the same thing as the omegas.

however, if they are boosters, they are automatically injected if you have the correct skills to use them.

today’s was a blueprint, so it will be in the redeeming Queue as a blueprint until you redeem it. you can redeem at the bottom of the log in screen by choosing which character you want to redeem it on, or do it in game, which will then go to the item hangar of the station you are in.


you will find them under a pile of red dots


ok, thank you. That seems kinda worthless then, i would rather the items go to my hangar until i decide to use them, otherwise it is absoutely confusing AF and CCP needs to address it… its silly for new or returning players … its like here is this free gift, good luck figuring out what it was or where it is. lol, anyway, thanks.

it doesn’t do that directly because if you have 3 characters on one account, if you redeem from the log in screen, you can choose who it goes to, then it will go to the hangar. or be injected if its a booster, and the SP that comes with it will go to unallocated SP of that char as well.


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