Vector Galactic - Recruiting for Lowsec PvP

Vector Galactic is a corporation of experienced pilots who like to fight against the odds and have fun doing so! We are a laid back and tight-knit group looking for like-minded people to have a great time with. We are more than just an EVE corp, we’re a family, though not always family friendly. Our group is a mixed bag of EU and US time zones.

We pride ourselves on being skilled quick-thinking pilots who are more than just F1 drones in a fleet, so if this sounds like you and you are a team player then Vector Galactic may be the right fit.

Recruiters: Syco Saisima (US) Natirri Eyrou (US) I DaresayADisgrace (AU) Vincent Pryce (EU).

What we can offer:

  • Veteran FC’s
  • Black Ops drops
  • Small gang roams
  • Battleship fleets
  • Capital Escalations
  • JF Logistics

What we’re looking for:

  • Real life is more important but being reasonably active is a must
  • Willingness to integrate with the corp culture and become a part of the community
  • Ability to fly our mainline doctrines; Machariel, Loki, Gila, Rattlesnake, Nightmare, Blops
  • Ability to fly Logistics
  • Capital ship capability

What we require:

  • Full API for every account
  • A sense of humor
  • Use of TS3 / Slack with a working Mic
  • Self-Sufficient for ISK
  • 40 Mill SP in the right areas (negotiable)

Join our recruitment channel ‘Vector Pub’ and talk to a recruiter


We are still recruiting good pilots.



Still recruiting, we are.

If you thought your chance was over, NAY! You can still join

Still looking for active redheads to join.

Looking for Religous figures of any kind…Also, redheads…

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Looking for eligble cap pilots who are looking to use them!!!


The Old man and the Sea, great read o_0

Will shelter FCON pilots with great pride, provided said FCON pilots don’t make us want to kill ourselves everytime they log in/open their mouthes…

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