Vegas special bulk sale

Find me and say hi, and free to purchase

Stratios(quantity : 40) 50% off jita $$
Nag and nyx (:x6) 35% regular sale order
Sleips (x35) 35% off jita price
Cynabel (x11) 30%…

Perimeter II, caldari navy. Topstation. Did i win? x)


This does not compute.

Have fun in Vegas.

What’s to compute? Find Doris in Vegas, get stuff much cheaper.

Real Life.

was just a lighthearted comment.

edit: I have some files to send you. Will evemail you a gihtub link when I log in.

I lost my funny bone. :frowning:


I saw you over by the thing with the stuff on it. I’m the guy who said hi, I offered you some of those cards with the hookers on it walking down the strip remember?

Shoot me the contract! :):crazy_face:

Mail me in game for how much you want for all 40 strats

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