WTS Vizan's stuff below jita

(Tavaralle Hinta) #1

Everything located in Jita 4-4 and they are for sale.

1x Vizan’s Modified Mega Pulse Laser in jita market
1x Vizan’s Modified Thermal Plating in jita market

Edit: edited :put them up on market

(Tavaralle Hinta) #2

reminder just hit me with offers Im not looking 5b and 2b like theyre in sale at market and willing to do huge discounts compared to those prices

(Tavaralle Hinta) #3

Put both into market with huge discounts

(Tavaralle Hinta) #4

still for sale

(Tavaralle Hinta) #5

still for sale

(Tavaralle Hinta) #6

still for sale

(system) #7

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