WTS officer mods

Few officer mods for sale: All located in Jita 4-4

Vizan’s Modified Capacitor Power Relay (1.5bil)

Vizan’s Modified Energized EM Membrane (450mil) SOLD

Selynne’s Modified Tachyon Beam Laser (1.8bil)

Selynne’s Modified Heavy Energy Nosferatu (550mil)

Brokara’s Modified Dual Heavy Pulse Laser (250mil) 2x SOLD

i’ll take this

Mail sent.

bumpity bump

still got mods for sale

1.25B on the tachyon.

Thanks for the offer, but it’s too low. For comparison, current jita sell orders are listed at 4bil per gun.

I guess I could do 1.5?

Sorry I didn’t make my intentions clear in my previous reply. I’m not dropping below 2bil for the sole reason that its the cheapest Meta 12 tachyon on market and forums. The closest meta 12 on forums is a Raysere’s going for 2.9bil. So Its already a 900mil price drop and I’m in no rush to sell it.

Still for sale

still for sale

ill take the neut and the beam for 2.25B

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale, prices have been modified

still for sale

still for sale

bump still got em

still for sale