Ventillium Inc. is recruiting now! Null-Sec PvP, PvE and Industry

Ventillium Inc. is recruiting pilots to join a small but dedicated corporation. We are looking for players, both new and veteran alike who enjoy the aspects of teamwork and dedication.

What we look for:

  1. A desire to advance ones self in aspects of the game.
  2. There is NO minimum SP requirements
  3. We do request the ability to do a background check of your ESI.

What we offer:

  1. A friendly environment
  2. Low 5% tax rate with no overhead costs to the pilot
  3. A corporation buyback program for ores, PI materials, and salvage.

If this is something that you seem interested in, please feel free to mail me in-game.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and fly safe! o7

I’m interested, where aprox are you located

I have replied to you through a direct mail in-game Xander.

Bump to the stars!

bump away :slight_smile:

Bump !


Bumping up! Still recruiting!!


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