Version 18.05 - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues from this monthly release.

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  • Some Triglavian Invasion set piece objects can take shield damage despite being otherwise indestructible
  • It is possible for multiple Stellar system effect beacons active in a system at the same time
  • Incorrect amount of ISK is received when completing Triglavian Invasion Stellar dungeons
  • Some Structures are not displaying icons in overview or “Show Info”
  • Some VFX flicker when viewed from specific angles
  • It is possible for the camera to clip with the capsule while warping
  • Docking when Aura doesn’t prompt it during an active Tutorial mission will display a warning, to quit mission or keep playing.
  • There is no payment box for jumping through an Ansiblex Jump Gate. Workaround: Setup auto payment. We are also working on a hotfix for this.
  • The ‘Set Destination’ button for Triglavian Invasion system in the Agency always sets to the first system result
  • Sometimes “Orders history” does not show up unless a character has accountant role in corp
  • Turret and other world audio is missing for players running Windows 7 and MacOS
  • Drones will not engage EDENCOM Cyno Jammers or Stellar effect beacons

well thats interresting…
the server isnt up after the patch but we have known issues listed in forum 20min pre DT some with the new contend…

…wow… just wow

p.s.: dont get me wrong… its good to see the info banner ind the launcher about extendet DT and stuff… its good to see patchnotes and info page up at DT its good to have the forum threads there and also the known issues listed… its all fine on this side of the page

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I don’t think you quite understand what known issues for a software release are…


I wonder.
Is rushing a broken patch considered a known issue or working as intended.
No worries, I am sure it’ll all be fixed right after the wormhole effects lol


Hi, Issue I noted on 1 toon was that the Payment Screen for JB access was not showing up, when it should It used too.

From Log:
11:55:46 Question You have been quoted a jumping fee of 234.00 ISK. In order to jump through this gate, you must accept the fee.
In the Wallet you can set an amount you will automatically accept for any future jumps.
Do you want to proceed?

But no UI on screen. Unknown cause. Have relogged and same issues occurs

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i see 2 invasions, if i select the second (inaya 0.6) and press “Set Destination” it sets my route to Abha 0.4 (that is the first invasion).
This in the agency.

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There are multiple reports of people unable to use ansiblex jump gates.
The same gate worked for me tho.

Seems someone killed the command burst sound effects
It’s … too … quiet…now :roll_eyes:

reported FOB Npc kills on new players in Carreeragent systems like Pasha got an Bloodraider FOB… i am not familiar with it but should these systems not be “safe” from this


belt ratting: no combat sounds from weapons fire or from weapon impacts.
ships sounds gone as well.
non-capsuleer timer alert is heard, warp-drive and warp tunnel sounds are present


WTF? Cant light the cyno in low sec. No Sansha. What kind of black magic is this?



Known issues:

CCP is currently hiding their owners micro-transactions bias by increasing prices of all in-game items to increase the quantity of PLEX sold.

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Unable to light a cyno in lowsec due to ‘a jammer present’


JB network payment issue Work Around.
You can set auto payment on and set the limit like 500. It wont work if the gate fee amount > auto amount authorized

Uugh… That’s why I’ve been searching for the new Orders History tab for OVER AN HOUR, spamming chat for help, with no results at all… :joy:

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The Cynosaural Field shows info as Sansha, I think it might have been reported.

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i set limit 10000
it jumps automatically with payment 25000