Version 20.01 - Known Issues (Mac)

Hello everyone,

Another monthly update (Version 19.11) begins today. Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting on issues for Mac clients found in this version.

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  • The Interstellar Convergence VFX appears on the Raven Cryptic Mimesis SKIN.


  • The UI window for some crates is failing to open.

The market window is super buggy while out in space on the mac client, no issues like this on the windows client.

you can be looking at something on market window, jump though a gate and it forgets what you are currently looking at, and gives you the last thing you had up instead

More bugs: when ships hold full error message kicking me out the game
in skill points getting error messages that do nothing every time I do anything;


The ships flying in the background of stations are flying upside down and sideways.

Along with what Okuda has noted, on the Mac client, the Rorqual while in space does not move. It will fly and warp sideways or backwards depending on its orientation out of the station (quite funny actually). In addition, when it enters siege mode, it is not a graceful rotation from horizontal to vertical. It quickly snaps from one position to the next.

It also seems there are interface issues with the client and macOS Monterey. I have noticed issues when gating from system to system that the client freezes requiring a restart.

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My mac client is no longer rendering anything - not the inside of the station, or outside. Can’t undock, and when on higher-quality graphics none of the dialog windows will close. Completely unplayable now. Thoughts?

Today updated to Monterrey 12.2. Problem with mouse/touchpad still existing. MBP 2019, Intel, Radeon Pro 5500M.

Is it possible to fix it? No fun for 3 months already :frowning:

Regardless this topic Monterey's mouse sliding is slow - Apple Community Monterrey have different performance for native and other applications (like Chrome) and probably it’s a reason of the issue.

I am still very disappointed with the native client. using a 2019 MBPro.

I have made several bug-reports. some GMs tried to help me, but nothing works. (deleting cache, loglite reports, etc.) they guess that graphic drivers have issues with the game.

I can not play on higher graphic settings, they cause client freezes. the mouse “flickering” is still there. and lately a graphic bug in the screenshot from my character sheet. the GMs say, they can not reproduce it, so also no resolution there…

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