Veteran PvP'er LF 0.0/Low/NPC 0.0(capitals, and small gang)

Hey mates, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. If you want to know anything about me, just hit me up in game or via mail and I’ll fill in any gaps.

I have played for a long time, I have extensive pvp experience in all forms. I’m looking for a new life, not just pvp action, but a liveable and enjoyable experience. That means some isk making(lvl5’s, or whatever), a variety of fights, and a group I can believe in.

PvP is what I live for, but I get lots of that on my own. I would like to be a part of a group that offers some capital engagements, and control of an area. I’m open to all area’s, but I’m not looking for WH or a sov group that enforces CTA attendance. I’m totally fine, nodding my head and not showing up, but being useful in other ways so that nobody notices or cares.

I have 4 characters, 3 pvp/everything toons that are over 100mil, highest 150+mil sp. And one 30+mil sp highsec trade/JF logistics alt to avoid wardecs and what not.

I am extremely self sufficient and don’t need my hand held, but I do want a group to offer something I cannot achieve on my own.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you all!

EDIT: **** I edited this post slightly and am considering other options. The corp I joined is not active at all, but I’m undecided if I’ll stick it out and wait or not. So I’d just like to draw some more stuff to consider.

Gotten a few mails, looking for more options. I’m available both US and EU, though I can play every single day late US/AU TZ. The only times I"m unavailable are weekends during US primetime.

I’m considering more options, as I’m on a trial with my current group, and I really haven’t seen many on in my corp. Which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but I’d just like to further explore my options. So I’ve edited post slightly, aka added that I’m open to sov.

My corporation is recruiting. We have a pretty active core group and the alliance is small but actively involved in Sov Warfare.

Only question I have is that you mention not wanting “enforced” CTAs, but are you willing to show up to CTAs you’re online for? If you were out ratting during an important CTA, I’d probably be pretty annoyed with you. As I can imagine most other alliance leaders in EVE would be as well. I don’t want you to quit your job, but if you’re online and actively playing and a CTA drops, I would expect you to pull your weight.

If you’re interested in a laid back alliance, then we’re recruiting.

Hey stop by if your interested.

I’m not a person who will never go, and in the right alliance I will attend most of them. However, if I don’t have any leadership role and essentially am just a line member, then I have no fun in them. I also stream, and will have my main setup in lowsec or somewhere conducive for that sometimes, and need to keep to a schedule and unable to attend a fleet for that reason at times. If a groups primary pvp is large fleets and strat ops, and is very rigid and untolerant of members contributing in other ways instead, then it isn’t likely to be a good match.

You should have a look at The Gallant Collective or just In-game mail me if you have further questions. I think we as a corp is what your looking for.

Sorry forgot to mention, I’m interested in either EU TZ or AU/Late US, I’m american, but don’t play during US primetime much.

Had a few ask me.


Check out our corp. We pvp in high sec, low sec and small 0.0 gang action.

Fallout Industries.

We are a US based corporation with close ties to an EU based corporation that we fly with daily, so there is always some good opportunity for small gang pvp action. All members are veteran Eve pvpers, with my self playing since 2003.

Can check this out when you get time! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting if you’re still looking.