Violence is the Answer | High Class Living in Low Class Space. C4-C5/C3

VITA is a PvP-focused US/EU corporation, and core corporation of the Wormhole Society alliance, whose main goal is to aggressively create content in wormhole space and give its users a strong foundation to grow and expand their PvP capabilities. Through the implementation of specialized assets we want to take the mid-sized fleet concept to its limits and take fights well above our weight class whenever possible. Our position in a C4-C3/C5 also gives us unique access to content across the entirety of space, for some of the most varied and exciting PvP that you can find.

However with all this in mind we need more members to allow us to take all the fights that we want to, and ideally create lasting bonds that surpass the confines of Eve Online. At the end of the day this game is only as fun as the people you play with, and we try to provide a mature and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

So, why VITA?

Because at the end of the day we’re willing to take fights that most people would shy away from, and we emphasize the ability and growth of our pilots above all else. We’re not the most elite, we’re not the biggest, and we’re not going to win every fight we ever take, but we will do our damnedest to provide the most engaging and varied PvP content that wormhole space has to offer. We have an amazing group of people that are always willing to help each other and improve on both an individual/group level, and explore ideas/concepts that they have.

What do we offer?

  • Organized/scheduled doctrine and kitchen sink PvP fleets through wormhole, LS, and NS space.
  • A mature, tight-knit community that emphasizes improvement both individually and as a corporation. This includes open communication between members and leadership with weekly corporation meetings and an open policy to ideas/concerns.
  • Mentorship and an openness to questions for players of any skill level, all we ask is that you have a willingness to learn.
  • Hunter incentives that reward scouts that provide initial tackle or a warp-in that results in a kill with all the loot, FC incentives that provide ships and backing when needed to let them do what they want to, and member incentive to participate with payouts from bashes. We want people focused on PvPing, not getting the ISK to PvP, so we offer as much as we can to make ISK a non-issue.
  • A very festive killboard experience, especially around Christmas time.

With our goals and ideals in mind we have some things that we look for in a recruit which allow them to join and participate with the least delay possible.

You must:

  • Have Discord and TeamSpeak3 installed and understand the importance of communication in Eve, as well as get comfortable using Tripwire and SEAT.
  • Be Omega. (Some exceptions may be made if you’re just coming back from a hiatus, but you must be planning on becoming Omega in the very near future. Wormholes are not as friendly to Alpha characters as other areas of space and hinders your ability to participate.)
  • Be willing to be active in hunting/scanning chains, we are more than happy to teach people how to do these things but there needs to be intent. We have scheduled fleets and operations, but the bread and butter of WH space is hunting and we incentivize that.
  • Not be too attached to your ships. We take fights that do not always end in our favor, but there is no prestige in a docked ship. People need to be constantly fighting and improving, and dying is an unavoidable aspect of that. Focus your training into our doctrines, including logistics and utility.
  • Want to have fun and enjoy the company of your corp-mates, there will always be downtime and as was said before the people are what make this game great. If we’re not having fun then what’s the point?

You must not:

  • Incite internal drama or unnecessarily prod your corp-mates, if there is an issue leadership deals with it privately and we want to encourage not demoralize. We’ve worked very hard to form a group that has each other’s best interests at heart, and if you go against that atmosphere you will be removed.
  • Be a ping warrior. We are constantly scouring space for targets to kill and we have no need for people who want to have content handed to them all of the time. All we ask of our members is that they fly with us and actively promote the PvP of the alliance, if that is too much then your time is better spent elsewhere.

Now with website!

We’re currently looking for active PvP/Scanner pilots of all skill/SP levels to join us and help make our goals a reality. If you value community and would like a group that’s more than just content pings and battle comms join our Discord here, or head over to our public channel in-game “WHSOC!”.


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Copied from Reddit recruitment, but shows a decent spread of the type of content we get/aim for.

Just to give some idea of the various scales of fights we do, this is all from the last 5 days. (As of posting on 21/1/20)

Small Scale Kitchen Sink/Nano against MCAV =

Destroyer WR Goodness against UNI =

Big ■■■■■■■ Armor Brawl against HK =

Killing a Carrier in Null =

Killing a Dread in WHs =

Mid-size Armor Three-Way with PGGB and SFP =

Smallish Shield Brawl in NS against TP (major props to these guys for taking this fight and not just escalating with caps, this one was a pleasant surprise.) =

We certainly don’t win every fight and even just in the last 5 days we’ve gone against groups that excel in their areas and we’ve learned new things from them after they knocked us around a bit, but we get a ton of content and are having a blast giving all the fights that we can. Obviously 3 of these are more gank than fight but I just want to show the diversity of content available in WH space (and it’s connections).

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Getting a feel for this new patch, definitely having fun with some different doctrines than our usual approach was so it’s been a nice change of pace.

Edit - Also we’ve taken to doing weekly Battlestar Galactica viewings as a group which has been a lot of fun, so it’s not just all spaceship on spaceship violence here, we also tend to actually have fun with out of game stuff as well.


Is an apple fritter really a donut?

My current first attempt at editing from a previous eviction, gives a sense of FC style and approach as well as a very fun fight. More to come in that regard. Recently been doing a variety of scales of fight as per usual and having a blast, lots of good growth happening.

A bit of very ISK efficient fun.

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