VIRII - Wormhole based PVP corp [EU TZ]

Who are VIRII?

Well here’s our old recruitment intro way back from 2012…

** V I R I I ** - founded 2003/06/03, one of the oldest PVP corps around recruiting now

VIRII is a corp with a history. Over the years we have proven to be more than capable to stand our ground in battle. Weve been in underdog positions and prevailed. Weve created Alliances and conquered regions. We`ve roamed across eve to find new grounds to satisfy our PVP needs.

Much has been said about VIRII but those who`ve fought us in the past have realised that we do know what we love to do: PVP.

Search for VIRII on the forums and I guarantee you will find posts about our adventures, people who arent pleased with VIRII cause of the damage we dealt, Alliance topics where weve lead our pilots to great battles. Too much to mention, but it surely will give you the fact that VIRII has been around EVE a long time!

So fast forward to 2020.

A few VIRII members have played through the last few years, whereas some of us are just returning.

We’ve decided to try one of the few things we haven’t done, which is living in Wormhole space. To that end, we’ve joined Dead Terrorists which contains many of our EVE friends (and enemies!) we’ve made over the years.

It’s fair to say we’ve hit the ground running. As well as adding our pilots to Dead Terrorist’s impressive PVP fleets, we’ve also set up in Wormhole space and secured solid ISK making streams both in and outside of Wormhole Space to ensure those fancy PVP ships we all love can be bought and flown.

What we can offer:

  • Mature corp members
  • Help from those Corp members whenever needed
  • Some maturity on comms
  • Free ammo, mods and reimbursement whenever possible (its for people that stick)
  • Alliance SRP programme for Logistics and Tackle ships
  • PVP, PVP and PVP we always been a PVP corp and will always be one
  • Small to midsize pvp fleets (anything from 1 to 100)
  • Humour
  • A forward thinking alliance with some really solid ship fitters and FCs that can bring fights
  • A Wormhole base with a 0.0 static which means we can raid from one end of 0.0 to the other in seconds
  • Wormhole and none-wormhole group and solo ISK making activities
  • Friends across Eve that can give us leads on good fights without our lives revolving around timers.
  • Discord and Teampseak servers
  • Last but not least we offer understanding about RL stuff like:
    • Attention kids breaking down the house
    • Attention GF/Wifes going aggro every time you are in a fight
    • Attention dogs that pee indoors cause you should have taken it for a walk

What we are looking for:

  • People that are relaxed mature and enjoy the PVP side of this game as much as we do
  • People that are at least semi active and can join 1 or 2 fixed fleets a week
  • People with a sense of humour
  • We are more interested in the fact if you fit in our group then actual SP requirements so we are leaving that out.

IF you are interested, join “WE ARE VIRII” channel and lets have a chat

JD No7

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