Vita. - 0.0 PvP Corp - Looking for super dank awesome PvP'ers

Vita is a 0.0 Corp whose main focus is PvP. We are a laid back corp looking to build a tight-knit group of players.

What we can offer:

★ Daily PvP with a group for people to fleet with
★ JF Logistics
★ Small group PvP
★ Access to 0% tax POCO’s on 5 planets
★ A cluster of systems for ratting or mining if you like

What we’re looking for:

★ Experienced PvP’ers
★ Willingness to skill for our main doctrines
★ To be able to intergrate with the corp culture and become part of the community

What we require:

★ Full API
★ A sense of humor
★ Use of TS3 / Discord for PvP
★ Self-Sufficient for ISK

Contact Leo Seti or join “Vita Bar & Grill” in game.

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Come be part of something new. Don’t just be another F1 pusher.

As a top contestant in the New Delhi EVE PVP Finalists. I would like to endorse this wonderful corporation. Leo has accepted me gracefully. Our usual day consists of Mining in Rorquals (Syndicate Region.) Blowing and getting blown up. PVE, and beating up Sixty4 Ever. Other activities include, Warping. Aligning, Approaching. Deploying drones, Returning drones f1,f2,f3,f4,f5 (I personally usually only use f1, unless the fit is advanced.) Certain ships also require double clicking in space. As a side hobby, volunteering for the corp, I personally make propaganda and pictures to raise morale.

Thank you,

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