VNI changes?

There is no reason to ever use the new vni for pve over the regular vexor anymore.

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I’m at the poverty line… a subscription isn’t an issue for me… it’s just priorities. I have a 20 year old friend that I got into the game, and he can’t pay attention for more than 40 minutes, that’s more of a retention problem than money. :slight_smile:

The dual rep blaster brawler vni is dead.

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This is a huge nerfs, they might aswell removed it altogether lol

CCP will just use there market bots to supply it. They are heavily manipulating the price

Signed by the forum warrior

Everyone was punished, because a lot of bots were using the ship. Not a fan of the solution, VNI ratting was unironically my favourite PvE activity in EVE. I have my fun taken away due to someone else breaking the rules. Not cool.

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Sure its a nerf to shield tanking: or plate fit just fit it to its new strengths.

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Evil triumphs when the neutral do nothing

False equivalency. I am all for doing whatever needs to be done, but not when it encompasses me as well. Punish only the perpetrators.

Its more like, its what you get for not doing something about them, yourself.

When one person in a group misbehaves, and the group is punished, the reasoning is to encourage the others not to tolerate that behaviour in their group.

The change was not just because of bots but because the VNI was too clearly the anom running ship of choice.m because of its low cost and afk nature.

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If you compare domi vs former vni, then yes domi are slower at ratting.

After patch, domi are better. Barely.

Upon reflection this change is still bad.

A few weeks in since this nerf…another staple ship of null sec removed…as far as i can tell , along with most of the active pilots that used them.

I stil use mine, just changed my methods to suit the new fitting requirements.

Surely not for pve since the regular vexor is equally as useful and a third the price.

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