Void Chapter Requiem Lowsec/highsec PVP/Indy


Void Chapter Requiem Alliance

Are you a dedicated industrial corporation or a fearless PvP group seeking a thriving community? Look no further! Void Chapter Requiem, operating in both highsec and lowsec, welcomes indy corps and PvP-focused entities to join our ranks.

What We Offer:

  1. Competitive Buyback Program:
  • Alliance-wide buyback set at an attractive 90% of Jita buy prices, available anywhere in highsec.
  1. Ship Replacement Program (SRP):
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our Ship Replacement Program covering fleets and selected roams.
  1. Engaging Fleet Content:
  • Immerse yourself in exciting fleet activities that cater to various playstyles.
  1. Mining Fleets:
  • Collaborate with fellow miners in organized mining fleets to boost efficiency and profits.
  1. Drama-Free Zone:
  • Void Chapter Requiem is committed to maintaining a drama-free environment, ensuring a positive and enjoyable gaming experience for all members.

Join us in creating a dynamic and supportive community. Embrace the Void with Void Chapter Requiem Alliance!

For recruitment or inquiries, contact Mukonakka panala in game or join Void Chapter Requiem .

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