VoidForge Mining and Industry [VFMAI] - Hisec Mining - EU/US

The corporation is under new management. I am Xirconia, your new CEO. Contact me either here or in-game should you need assistance.

  • Xirconia

What kind of assistance do you offer?

Do you have a structure I can mine at?

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If you are looking for assistance in looking for a mining group or fleet. I group up with CASA from “Fleet Up” should you need help with an active group that entails boosters and compressing.

One condition in said group is .1 sec or higher

You dont mine in Null? Very wise.

And no thank you, I have all the Orcas I need atm.

I personally don’t have a structure, but our group does have orcas (including myself) and I’m sure Ted has resources to who has an active structure.

As you wish. I’m online quite often if you are in need of any other assistance.


Maybe this thread would do better in the sub-forum:

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