VoidForge Mining and Industry [VFMAI] - Hisec Mining - EU/US

VoidForge Mining and Industry is a tax-free corporation focused on hisec mining and industry. Alpha and Omega clones, New or Veteran players are all welcome. We have Orca mining fleet boosts, and we offer free ships & blueprints for new pilots.

This is a very new corp. Good place to make some isk and learn the industry mechanics.

We are associates of The Free Mining Alliance and CAS Mining Alliance.

If you have questions or for recruitment, please contact:

After DT Bump

After DT Bump

Nightly Bump

Regular Bump

Update: The Free Mining Alliance are no longer in alliance with us officially or unofficially as they are war eligible. This is a non-war corp. I am also the new CEO of the corp., so you may contact me should you have any further questions for the corp. Both N1x and sevenfold57 have left the corp. and left it to me.

I may also be revamping for a new site for Eve for me to better mod it. I also have my own discord for the corp.

Stay tuned…

you could join my corporation we offer a lot of things such as that type of mining

Much appreciated, but I’m going to stay with the one I control. You’re more than welcome to visit me from time-to-time.

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