Welcome prospective business partners! We are recruiting bright eyed bushy tailed associates to join our operations in Gallente space. In conjunction with our alliance, Miners Coalition we have great members to chat with in EU/US time zones.

What we offer!
• Plenty of infrastructure for all Corp and Alliance members.
• We run a top-notch Wormhole PI system that simply prints ISK
• A quiet atmosphere filled with my cigar smoke and wine pouring.
• Plenty of knowledge to answer all your questions.

What we expect!
• We would love for new associates to have an open mind to PvP.
• Keep at playing EVE. It’s a hard game and many people get frustrated we are here to help. But as always real life comes first!
• Use discord, simply being active makes the powers above the Mafia pleased.
• We expect you to have 4 million SP acquired as we here at VRR want our associates to experience EVE in the best way possible. The more SP you have the easier the game is to enjoy.

We are a humble Corp who doesn’t mind watching our enemies burn. It’s what we do here at VRR. Relax in the Corp smoke room. I am happy to tell you more about us.

EVE mail me or join our discord for a chat with some of our best wine and cheese!

Bump! We do HS PVE and build illegal and knock off products to resell for x500 Value! Looking for US time zone and EU.

Bump! Always looking for EU and US members like what we offer? Send in an application or have a chat in game or discord :slight_smile: Plenty of alliance members to chat with too.

Bump! 1% Tax on WH PI and access to a lot of connections here at VRR.

Bump! a lot of alliance members on in EU/USTZ take advantage of the alliance contacts and events.

Bump! EVE Mail me/ hop in our discord for a chat :slight_smile: Small but humble corp looking for more fellowship.

Bump! The smoke room is always open to independent pilots who can make their own ISK and hang out in Corp chat for fellowship :slight_smile:

Bump! Small corp looking to make friends :slight_smile: EveMail me if your interested.

Bump! Enjoy the small corp lifestyle? Want to relax from the pressures of NS/WH/LS space? We would enjoy your company. Eve Mail me

Bump! Small corp looking for new friends to just hangout. Alliance moons and WH PI available.

Bump! Alliance contacts to use, with many moons on the HS island. Looking for pretty much anyone who enjoys the independent EVE lifestyle. With the one central thing keeping all of us together is beautiful PI ISK printing :slight_smile: EVE Mail me or send in an application with a small bio.

Alone? Really just like Independent/Solo HS lifestyle? Small corp with many alliance opportunities to use! Play on your time. Offering WH PI and simple fellowship.

Bump! Have a wine glass with me. Discuss some PI and how much ISK your printing! Enjoy some alliance moons.

Bump! Small humble corp looking for anyone who enjoys the quiet HS indy life. We aren’t exiting as a pvp but we sure are rich! EVE mail me ^^

Bump! Check out the alliance amenities with moon mining PVP roams abyssal experts. Or relax with PI and fellowship :slight_smile:

EVE mail/sending in an application is the best way to inquire. Can’t wait to chat.

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