Volund is looking for a few good capsuleers

Völund is a gaming community dedicated to no drama. At our core we are gamers who want to have fun.

We a making our way back into EVE with a purpose. We have a plan and we will succeed.

We have the resources, thoughtfullness and willpower to do whatever it takes to make it in New Eden. We hope you will join us on this path.

New to Eve? Looking for a hand getting going? Veteran looking for a new home?
We are looking for a few good pilots in the US/EU time zones.
Volund Offers:

  • No BS, No Drama, Just Fun.
  • Ship replacement for losses during Corporation operations.
  • C3 Wormhole Life with a static HS.
  • Industry and Mining.
  • Collaborative PI that actually shows a profit
  • Frequent PVE/PVP Pew, not for the faint hearted.
  • and much more…

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/TtkfNsB

I’m not sure if I have the SP (a little over 11 mil) but what’s the best way to go about applying?

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