Vontrap Family Crackheads - WANT's YOU!

FW Corporation Looking for ALL Timezone players.

Good ICE & Moon Mining.
Null space ratting / exploration.
Faction Warfare or small gang fleets.
Friendly environment with chill people.

VETERAN/BitterVets/HighSP/LowSP all welcome to join.

We are a IRL First Corp. No PAP LINKS
Login and enjoy the game. Casual Players are welcome. Or even if you’re still undecided come by and hang out with us.

For question, message IGN: Manny Packman / Jammer0331 / Tom Karyon / GroundZro

Still looking for more

For question, message IGN: Jammer0331 / Tom Karyon / GroundZro




L( ^.^)>>

Are you still looking for other’s to join up

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