Vortexspace Corporation!

Heya, We’re a newer corporation admittedly made out of newer members. With that in mind, we’re looking for people to join our little gang of members.

My name is Fake (Don’t mind my in-game name, blame the CEO) and I’m the head of security. I’ve played Eve for a bit and I’ve got enough experience to know how to protect our miners and logistical units. Frankly, I’m just one person though which is why we’re looking for people to join, we would like to offer newer players to come have play and generally learn with us.

In any case, I’m droning on so I’ma wrap this up.
If you want to join us, newer or advanced members. Feel free to hit my personal discord (Fake man man#1204) or come and talk to me in game. I’ll just be doing agent missions and getting skill points. As you do, I hope to be speaking with you soon!

Head Of Security

  • Fake man man

I’m interested, I sent u a request on discord.

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