Vrtra Armamentarium - On the hunt!

Historically, Vrtra has been a hard-hitting small group of players with a good culture. Following that tradition, in its revival we are looking for strong members to carry that on.

Minimum 40m SP

Currently focused in Molden Heath we have a consistant source of small-gang warfare.

We currently offer:

  • Consistant small gang presence

  • Highly active alliance with industrial potential

  • Sources to get you self sufficient with isk, if you are not already.

  • A strong, accepting culture full of camraderie and welcome all LGBTQ members.

Chat channels:
In game: Vrtra Lounge

Recruitment is still open! Feel free to convo me in game.

Recruitment still open! We look forward to working with you.

Recruitment is still open! We’ve set up a good deal of infrastructure over the last week - feel free to ask us about it.

Still looking for pilots to join us!

Currently on the hunt for an EU TZ member able to FC and help make content.

Still recruiting for line members in both EU and US TZ!

Still very much on the hunt for an EU TZ FC!

We have a decent balance between EU and US TZ at this time but all our FC’s are USTZ!

Still very much in need of content creators in the EU TZ

Recruitment is open for all branches, but still hunting for EU TZ members in specific!

Still looking for fresh meat

Recruitment remains open!

Currently at war and getting more wardecs due to local spam.

But recruitment is open. Come help us spam harder!

No longer at war and got people to surrender to us.

Looking for people, and FC’s for small gang stuff!

Recruitment is very much still open. Our minimum SP however, has changed with new perspective goals in mind.

Just had ourselves some good fun. Recruitment very much still open!

Still looking for fresh blood