Vokira (Space Ghosts) is Recruiting! USTZ

Vokira is currently recruiting both PVP and PVE focused pilots who are looking for a home in nullsec space. Whether you are a new player or a bittervet, all alpha and omega pilots are encouraged to apply. Our corp has a healthy mix of PVP and PVE players, so that everyone in corp is important, and not just another cog in the machine. We have veteran members who have dabbled in almost all areas of the game, and are eager to show new or returning pilots the ropes.

The corp offers a laid back approach to the game, We don’t have any silly requirements such as Paps, kill quotas, or minimum online time. However, we do want people who are active and interested in building something. We genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other, even if it’s just talking ■■■■ on comms. We’ve had many good laughs and would love to share some more with you!

What we Offer:

Nullsec Space with quick access to Low Sec.
Planets to manufacture.
Corp projects
Indy and moon mining opportunities
A good income through mining, ratting, exploration and more
Target rich environment
Organized fleets from small gangs and mining ops, to big things like corp operations
Tight-knit group of friends to enjoy the game with.
Discord comms
Construction Programs

What we expect from you:

Working Mic
ESI check
Achieve your goals and have fun doing it
Friendly to corp mates, alliance and allies (don’t be a dick)
Bring your own beer

If you’re interested and want to learn more, respond to this post, send a PM or contact these characters in game: Seth Athema, Vulkmar Grimm, charmndr

We look forward to hearing from you! Fly dangerously. o7

Still Recruiting!

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